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Landscaping and Maintenance in Harrogate:

Grounds Maintenance

Hedge-Hogs Landscaping and Maintenance in Harrogate carry out grounds maintenance to single and multi-sites across Yorkshire.

We specialise in a number of areas; multi-site grounds, maintenance, hedge management and lawn care.

Turfing and Lawn Care

Lawns require more than just mowing. To keep a great lawn you must undertake a regular maintenance program. Turf requires the same level of care as a lawn.

We can work out a turfing or lawn care plan that will improve your lawn and fit your budget.

Hedge and Tree Services

Hedges require regular maintenance and at Hedge-Hogs we offer periodical hedge cutting services for domestic and commercial customers. We recommend hedge pruning at least once a year, maybe twice, depending on the type of hedge, but never in the bird nesting season.

Waste Clearance

Those gardens that don’t have active composting areas or who produce a large amount of garden waste that cannot be composted may need some help removing it all from the site.


Hard landscaping and soft landscaping are both elements in landscape gardening. Hard landscaping includes the heavier elements in landscape design, such as walls, rocks, paths and patios, driveways etc. Soft landscaping includes things like soil, plants, flower and color schemes.

Barks and Mulches

For a low maintenance garden or for an area which needs to be differentiated from the rest of the grounds we offer decorative barks, mulches and coverings.


Landscaping and Maintenance in Harrogate

The English Oak Tree (Quercus robur)

The English oak (Latin name: Quercus robur), also known as common oak, pedunculate oak, European oak or English oak, is a species of flowering plant in the beech and oak family, Fagaceae. The patriarch of the woods, the old English oak, also called common oak, holds a...

Hedge Cutting Safety Tips

Follow these handy tips to get the best from your hedge trimmer. Hedge trimming tips Keep it sharp. Sounds obvious, but keep trimmer blades sharp. If cut branch tips appear ragged or light in colour, or if blades snag on the hedge, the blades are probably blunt and...

Hedge Law

Hedge Law

Hedges are subject to rules and regulations just like anything else. Care must be taken when trimming or cutting a hedge because they are home to wild birds and animals. One must also respect the hedge as a boundary between properties as more than one party will be...

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

On the 27th March Hedge-Hogs Landscaping were tasked with tree removal. We took down a big evergreen Leylandii tree. It had grown too large for it's space where it was creating too much shade in a residential area. The tight space we had to work in was behind garages,...

Getting Ready for Spring

Has your garden been left unattended over winter and now requires some attention or maybe you are getting ready for spring? Now is the time to clear any unwanted items, plants, shrubs, trees or badly maintained hedges. Or maybe you just want a garden tidy up for...

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal hedges. When Hedges need pruning New hedges require formative pruning for their first couple of years after planting. Formative pruning is...

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