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Gardeners Tools of the Trade


STIHL offers a wide range of products including chainsaws and pole pruners, KombiSystems, MultiSystems, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, blowers, sweepers, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and cut-off saws and other construction equipment, as well as all the fuels, oils and accessories to keep them running at their best.

In particular, we at Hedge-Hogs only use the very best equipment which is reliable and gets the job done. Look no further than Stihl for hedge-cutting, brush cutting power tools and chainsaws to tackle the most complex of tasks.


Take back control of your garden.

For those who love a garden that’s trimmed, pruned and groomed to perfection, Honda power tools are the perfect choice for professional landscape gardeners. Lightweight, robust and easy to use. The large range of Honda lawn mowers includes everything from small electric models through to professional petrol lawn mowers. So whether you’re a home-owner looking for a small domestic mower, or a commercial user looking for a heavy duty professional lawnmower, Honda have a lawnmower to suit you.



Felco pruners are world famous. Once you’ve tried a Felco pruner there is no going back. It will become a family heir-loom. Felco garden tools are the top of the line.
Smooth, tight action. Quality you can feel. Awesome cutting power and precision is in your control when you pick up one of these incredibly durable pruners.
All pruners have two blades. One is very sharp and is known as the cutting blade. The other is not sharp and is called the anvil blade or hook.
There are two types of Felco pruners: bypass pruners and anvil pruners. All but one Felco model are bypass pruners – the cutting and anvil blade pass each other like the blades of scissors to cut. Anvil pruners cut by pressing the cutting blade onto the anvil – like a knife on a cutting board.
For cutting dead or dry wood the the anvil pruner is best for the job. The Felco rose pruner has cut-and-hold attachments that grab thorny branches and hold them tight.


Try a Felco pruner and know the joy. The tight, solid feel. The smooth, silky action. It’s time to become a Felco Fanatic! Felco pruners will amaze you. Sharp, durable, sturdy, adjustable tools that are easy to repair and maintain. Felco garden tools are everything you need. The clean, easy cut makes for rapid healing of the wood. The shape of the non-slip handles let you work longer without tired hands or wrists. These are powerful tools! Great for pruning vines, trees, bushes and shrubs. Wide opening to make cutting large branches easy. Handles are unbreakable but not heavy.

Felco saws…with pull-action for a clean, precise cut on large branches. Amazingly sharp, these saws will make your life easier. Great no-slip handles too.

Lawn Care Products

Miracle-Gro® believes that life starts in the garden. It doesn’t matter where we choose to live, it’s how we choose to live. Miracle-Gro® is the world’s best selling plant food, and have been helping people grow big, beautiful flowers and vegetables ever since 1951. Whether it’s lawn patch repair, compost or plant food just take a look at our range to find a product to suit your needs. Hedge-Hogs carry out tasks which includes subjects such as aeration, scarifying, top dressing, moss and weed control, thatch removal, over-seeding and fertilising.

If your lawn needs some tlc give Seth at Hedgehogs Outdoor a call on 07786 6104 88 or email him on gardening@hedgehogsoutdoor.com, alternatively use our contact form to get things started.