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Decorative barks, mulches & stone chips

We supply & lay a variety of barks, mulches & stone chippings for multiple uses within the garden including decorative bark chippings, bark mulch, play bark, landscaping bark and more. These help to retain moisture, discourage weeds and provide long term soil conditioning – or provide a safe surface for children and pets. About Bark Bark and bark chippings are a versatile material performing a variety of horticultural and decorative functions including: Mulch – All bark will eventually break down and become part of the soil, helping to improve the soil’s texture over time. How fast this occurs depends on the initial size of the bark (larger bark chippings will take longer), the species of wood (hardwood takes longer than softwood) and the amount of moisture it is exposed to (it will rot down more quickly in wet conditions). Because of its natural mulching properties all bark will need to be topped up in two to three years to maintain cover and appearance. A layer of bark chips over soil will help to retain moisture as well as protecting plant roots from heat and frost. Depending on the thickness of the layer, bark will also have a natural weed suppressant effect, saving you work and keeping beds looking neater for longer. Play Surfaces – Play bark chippings are more regular larger pieces and are designed to absorb impact and have rounder edges to minimise the chance of injury to children or pets.

Top tip: Unused areas of the garden or space could benefit from a layer of bark, which will also help to deal with muddy pathways or shaded areas where grass has difficulty growing. Bark is also a great solution for sloping areas where heavier materials such as gravel won’t stay put.

Decorative Gravel:

If you are looking for decorative stones for your garden, we provide many different types to choose from, including garden chippings, stones and gravel in a range of colours. As well as being used to brighten driveways and footpaths and add colour to garden landscaping, decorative stones are also frequently used in borders. As well as looking good, they help with garden drainage and to suppress weeds. They are also highly versatile, since they can easily be laid in uneven areas, providing a stable surface for children and pets. Yet another advantage is added security, since the sound of stones underfoot can alert you to intruders. Small stones and stone chippings (also known as decorative gravel) are perhaps the most widely used decorative aggregates, as they provide an economical and easy way to achieve a landscaped look in gardens and driveways. Typically 10mm or 20mm in size, they are available in a variety of colours and shapes – from smooth round stones to rough stone chips. We can deliver & install a variety of stone chippings in different types of stone including coloured granite chippings, traditional golden gravel and white gravel (both ever popular choices for driveways), with Cotswold and limestone chippings being a popular choice. We also provide various slate chippings and larger decorative stones such as sandstone for rockeries.

Top tip: Decorative garden stones are popular because they make gardens, paths and driveways look more attractive, but they are low-maintenance and don’t require a major outlay. The textures available range from small, rough chips to smooth, larger stones.

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