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Professional Tree & Hedge Care Services

Hedge Cutting

Hedges require regular maintenance and at Hedge-Hogs we offer excellent hedge cutting services for domestic and commercial customers. We recommend hedge pruning at least once a year, maybe two or three times, depending on the type of hedge. We are happy to schedule visits as often as necessary to keep your hedge healthy and tidy all year round.

Hedges we commonly cut include:

Box: Ideal as a formal low hedge for pathways, this evergreen shrub is slow growing and requires one trim a year in late spring to help maintain its shape.

Leylandii: This fast-growing conifer forms a dense hedge, which is excellent as a windbreak and for noise reduction. Due to its speedy growth, Leylandii should be trimmed during mid-summer and autumn to be kept at a manageable height. But don’t cut too much off otherwise you could kill it.

Beech: A good alternative to evergreen hedges, beech hedges maintain their winter leaves until they’re pushed off by the new green leaves of spring. It’s relatively fast growing and requires trimming in late summer/early autumn.

Laurel: A dense evergreen shrub, Laurel is very hardy with attractive glossy green foliage. It flowers in spring and has red berries in autumn. It should be trimmed in spring or autumn.

Privet: A hardy shrub which is generally evergreen, although it may lose its leaves during a very hard winter. Privet is relatively fast growing and should be trimmed a couple of times during the summer to encourage it to form a nice dense formal garden hedge.

Our hedge cutting services include large hedge reductions, hedge planting, hedge trimming and hedge removal. We offer hedge cutting services all year round (except of course when birds are nesting) and the removal of all waste is always included in the price.

Tree Management Services

Complete tree removal: Occasionally complete tree removal will be needed. Particularly, in the interests of conservation, an unhealthy tree may have to be removed to ensure other trees do not become infected. Other reasons for tree removal could be safety to people and property, or if a tree is in a state of decay, or in a weakened condition. Or, if the tree has become too big for the area, we would recommend re-planting in this case.

Tree thinning & reduction: Trees sometimes need thinning or reducing in order to remain in good health and complement their surroundings. Tree reduction is where the height and or spread of a tree is reduced, by selectively cutting back to smaller branches, whilst retaining a natural shape. This will give a nice even regrowth in the next growing season. Tree thinning is done to increase light and reduce wind resistance by the selective removal of branches throughout the canopy of the tree. This is a common practice, which improves the tree’s strength against adverse weather conditions.

Hedge-Hogs Stump removal services: Tree stump removal consists of the complete removal of the stump and any surface roots. This may be undertaken either using hand tools, a winch or a stump grinder. Tree stump removal usually involves grinding to a specified depth, generally 12-18 inch below ground level. The hole will then be backfilled with soil and grinding waste to leave a level surface. All excess waste will be removed leaving the site clean and tidy on completion. We undertake stump removal jobs of all sizes, both commercial and domestic. As well as members of the public we also work with housing associations, co-operative housing, property developers, local councils and schools.

At Hedge-Hogs, we pride ourselves on excellent quality tree services. With a free no obligation quotation, we can advise you of the best possible solution to your tree problems. Contact us to discuss how your trees are affecting you, we can then decide which of our tree services is best for you. The Tree services we provide are carried out by fully qualified and experienced tree surgeons.

Top tip: On completion of all of our hedge & tree services we will remove all waste leaving your site / garden clean and tidy.

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