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Wood Chipper Hire

The Först ST6D is a 6” capacity towable wood chipper that is ideal for local authorities, tree surgeons, and arborists who want a high-performance machine for their landscaping, maintenance, or garden waste clearance jobs and is available for daily or weekly hire with operator. This machine has the capacity to clear medium-large sized areas of woodland. Hedge- Hogs can also provide a clearance service to help with the green waste recycling.

This Först machine has a unique feed-roller system that emphasises exceptional crushing power. The high-tension springs and high-grip roller contribute to this chipper’s ability to handle even the toughest branch forks. Moreover, its wide hopper – right down to the roller mouth – makes feeding this machine very simple and gives your operators the ability to get awkward limbs and forks into the incredibly strong rollers.

Finally, this machine runs on a stage 5 compliant diesel engine, meaning that it produces low emissions as well as making it economical to run over longer periods of use. The Först brand is a part of one of the UK’s longest established suppliers for the arboriculture industry (Redwood Global Ltd).

Use our contact form if you’re looking for road tow wood chipper hire in the North and West Yorkshire (UK). We will contact you within 24hrs.

This towable wood chipper features:

  • Touch button feed control (both sides of the machine so your operators don’t have to reach over the hopper)
  • Robust all-steel construction
  • Fold-down hopper with level feed tray and open top for simple feeding of bushy branches
  • Over run brakes (for safety)
  • Lockable tow hitch
  • 30-litre fuel capacity
  • Stage 5 compliant diesel engine
Forst ST6D Wood Chipper Hire

Forst ST6D Wood Chipper Hire