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Garden Privacy

This is an exceprt from “The Gardener’s Problem Solver” by Miranda Smith.

City gardens especially can be true refuges from the world outside their boundaries. But you must plan for privacy. If you don’t have walls around the garden, you may want to build them, put up trellises, or plant a hedge. Each of these structures have pros and cons. A well maintained hedge can provide almost as much privacy as a wall does. It also gives protection against wind without creating a turbulent spot and also creates a sheltered environment. But in an urban setting, its most important attribute is as a noise buffer. So much sound gets trapped in the many air spaces between the small leaves of a hedge that you can almost forget the city street beyond it. Top tip: whilst maintaining your hedge, be aware that the bottom areas are as important as the top to trim and shape in order to give the hedge a healthy environment to grow in.