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Choosing a Landscaper

How to choose professional landscape gardeners from initial introduction/enquiry to end result of a completed area or build project in the West Yorkshire area:

When you employ a professional landscape gardener to design and build your garden you get real piece of mind knowing that the elements of your garden will grow and develop where they need it. The will last and age with grace where they should.

1. Experience:

Every garden is unique so it is very important to choose a landscaper who has the confidence and experience to deal with whatever they might find in your garden. Your landscaping team need to be able to interpret your ideas and turn them into reality in your garden.

2. Communication:

For this to work effectively, communication is absolute key, so make sure you get involved with the team right from the start. Let them know how you feel about what the are proposing.

3. Specialist or general:

Some landscape gardeners cover a variety of services including turf laying, fencing, decking, patio laying & planting to name a few. Others however specialise in one area.

4. Case studies:

Ask to see examples of their work. Landscape gardeners are proud of their
work and they will probably have loads of photos or even a video for you to look at. You can check the quality of their work and see if you like what it is they do.

5. Testomonials:

Unless they’ve been recommended to you ask them for testomonials from some of their past customers.

6. Quote:

Make sure the garden landscaper puts their quote in writing on official headed paper showing a postal address and full contact details.

Most importantly, remember that the time & effort spent on choosing the right garden landscape company will ensure your garden project runs to plan, is on schedule, not overpriced and the end result is the garden you’ve always wanted.

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