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Tree Removal

On the 27th March Hedge-Hogs Landscaping were tasked with tree removal. We took down a big evergreen Leylandii tree. It had grown too large for it’s space where it was creating too much shade in a residential area. The tight space we had to work in was behind garages, within felling distance of a silver birch tree and between a nettwork of back garden fences. We had to be precise when cutting this down in order to minimise damage to the surroundings.

The method we employed to take this tree down was to start at the top and work down. This enables us to work with small pieces of the tree instead of felling it in the traditional manner where you need lots of space for the tree to fall onto. We cut off the top of the tree and slowly removed all of the branches leaving only the trunk standing. Working from the top again we cut small sections of manageable trunk off the tree and lowered them by rope to the ground.

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