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Hedge Cutting Safety Tips

Follow these handy tips to get the best from your hedge trimmer.

Hedge trimming tips

Keep it sharp.

Sounds obvious, but keep trimmer blades sharp. If cut branch tips appear ragged or light in colour, or if blades snag on the hedge, the blades are probably blunt and tearing rather than slicing material. Take the trimmer to a STIHL Approved Dealer for professional sharpening.

Keep it clean.

A blade that is not clean is not efficient. As a hedge is trimmed, sap builds up on the blades, setting hard like glue. Use an approved cleaner – like STIHL resin solvent – to keep blades in top condition.

Keep it in order.

Cut the vertical sides of a hedge first, using an upward and downward sweeping motion and moving forwards along the hedge as you work. When trimming the top of a hedge, angle the blades at around 10° to the horizontal and use a horizontal scything motion to sweep cut material off the hedge.

Keep it safe.

Always use recommended protective clothing, and follow safety instructions when using a powered hedge trimmer.

Top Tip: After using your Stihl leaf blower to get rid of any unwanted leaves or debris stuck to your hedge cutter, always use WD40 on your blades at the end of each hedge cutting session. This will keep them clean and tidy, ready for the next session.