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Brightening Up a Dull Winter Garden in Harrogate

Up here in Yorkshire the winters set in earlier than they do in the south of the country. Here in Harrogte, down by the river at the towns lowest point, frosts can arrive even earlier. The first frost may herald more than a change of season in your garden; it could also mean that it’s beauty is finished for the year. This is often the case in gardens devoted primarily to annuals and herbaceous perennials.

Once the blooms are gone some gardens become dull. Don’t let this happen in your garden. Even in the cooler climes, there are too many fine days when a brisk walk outside or even a short spell of sitting in your garden is just what you need. It’s also a treat to be able to look out the windows at a constantly changing and evolving landscape which looks good no matter what time of the year. You can create such a landscape by paying attention to the basic design, including some woody plants, adding some garden furniture, and choosing plants that remain lovely through more than one season.

Top tip: Add structural elements to your garden, what garden is complete without some furniture or possibly even a decked area. Even if your garden is primarily practical- a place to grow vegetables, fruit and cut flowers is a massive benefit to any unused space. Also consider lighting, bird feeders and choose colourful shrubs and plants.