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Why Roses Fail

A good quality rose bush planted correctly should grow and flourish for many years. Failure to survive will almost certainly be due to one of the following causes:

Loose planting-Top Tip: Tug the stem gently in spring after planting. If the plant moves easily, tread and compact around the base to reinforce. This method should have been used when planting originally.

  • Wind rock, especially in exposed areas.
  • Waterlogged soil around the roots in areas of poor drainage.
  • Severe drought especially in poor soils.
  • Severe frost.
  • Use of fresh manure at planting time.
  • Too much hard pruning. It is beneficial to prune roses at the end of the summer season, around October usually, but be careful not to overdo it too much.
  • Dry roots.
  • Too much lime in the soil.
  • Fatal diseases including rust, canker and honey fungus or underground pests such as chafer grubs and ants. Or, planting roses under trees where there is little light and the possibility of not enough water.

Referenced from: The rose expert by DR. D.G. Hessayon.